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For procedural comfort, we have several options that can be ordered by the physician. Sedation (RN administered) or Monitored Anesthesia Care (CRNA administered).

To be scheduled for a procedure, your physician will refer you to a GI, Surgeon or Pulmonologist who performs one of our procedures. After MD office calls you to select a date and send orders for scheduling, you will have several phone calls from Pre-Registration and PAT (pre-admission testing). You may also access online registration forms here. Schedule times are given by our department the weekday before your scheduled procedure date - you will call 256-629-1600 between 11:00 am–12:00 pm for your arrival time.


Tennessee Valley Gastroenterology

EGD Instructions

Dulcolax/Nulytely Preparation For Colonoscopy

Suprep Preparation For Colonoscopy


Tennessee Valley Surgery Group

Colonoscopy Instructions-Miralax Prep-Dr. Desselle

Endoscopy Instructions-Nulytely Prep

Clear Liquid Diet Instructions


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