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Emergency Department

1701 Veterans Drive
Florence, AL 35630
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If you are experiencing an emergency, immediately call 9-1-1. 


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1701 Veterans Drive
Florence, AL 35630

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The E.D. is responsible for the immediate treatment and initiation of life or limb saving procedures in all types of emergencies. The E.D. utilizes all recourses available to include the on-call specialist list to assess, stabilize, admit or transfer the patient as needed. There are one or more E.D. physicians in the department 24 hours a day. Midlevel providers are also utilized for the care and treatment of patients. The department receives walk-in patients, ambulance transports and services from the facility heliport.

Patients entering our department are provided triage care upon arrival and are assigned an assessed level of care.  Patients are seen in order based on the severity of symptoms. 

  • Level 1 – Highest level of acuity. This category specifies individuals requiring immediate life-saving interventions from the medical staff. Individuals who present with complaints such as multi-level trauma, CPR in progress, acute respiratory failure and other similar events would fit into this category.
  • Level II – is assigned to patients who present with high risk situations, are confused/lethargic or disoriented, in severe pain or distress. Examples include chest pain, soft tissue injury, and deformity of extremities, severe lacerations, suicidal or acute psychosis.
  • Level III – Assigned to patients with stable medical conditions, minor lacerations, abdominal pain, minor burns or potential closed fractures.
  • Level IV – Patients who require only one resource from the facility. This includes patients with cough, cold symptoms, minor soft tissue or musculoskeletal injuries or complaints.
  • Level V – are patients who require no resources to complete their care. Examples include prescription refills and possibly complain of rash/skin irritation.