Miracle Maker Award

Miracles come in many forms, including extraordinary acts of kindness and small, yet impactful tasks, excellent skills and amazing customer service.

The Miracle Maker Award is a top honor for our staff. The award employees at North Alabama Medical Center who has made a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Share Your Story!

  • Please give first name and last name, if you know it.
  • Give the department where the employee works.
  • Please describe a detailed extraordinary act of kindness/compassion demonstrated by this employee.
  • Pick the role that best describes you.
  • We need your permission to proceed! May we have your agreement to publish this nominee's name, nomination story, and/or photo on our website and in print, and do you agree that we may share it with other media and nursing organizations for their publication? If you are a patient or patient's family member, we will change your name (if provided) to initials before publishing the nomination, to protect your identity. Please note that the nomination story you submit may be edited prior to publication, removing names of patients and third parties (to ensure HIPAA compliance), anything phrased in a negative way, and criticism of any healthcare organization.
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